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When an M&A transaction is imminent, a business valuation can help you position yourself for success. It’s a key piece of information needed to determine if the time is right for a sale. Done right, a qualified valuation is thorough, encompassing a number of strategic and nonstrategic assessments, to provide an approximation of how the market might assess your business.

The Taureau Group team applies their first-hand experience to provide a structured process and dependable results. We evaluate nearly 50 factors that contribute to your calculated value, from the general economic environment and M&A market conditions to your financial performance and factors driving company value, such as industry trends, brand recognition, sustainability and certainty, and the stability of your management team.

Comprehensive, accurate reports

Through the M&A valuation process, you will gain a broad understanding of what drives enterprise value and can use that to make informed decisions when implementing strategic initiatives and, ultimately, achieve your goals.

Taureau Group’s M&A professionals use multiple valuation techniques to provide sound financial analyses. Every buyer will value your business differently, and we apply our industry-specific knowledge to connect your business value with a real world application. Then, we can assist you through the M&A process to create a private capital market unique to your business and objectives.

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