Sales, Divestitures and

Bringing the Right Strategic Buyers to the Table

From maximizing the value of your company to minimizing the tax consequences of a sale, Taureau Group has the unique capabilities to assist with every phase of the business sale process.

As trusted advisors, we have completed hundreds of transactions with corporate and private equity buyers using a structured process refined through years of experience and success. Every company and situation is unique, each with differing reasons for deciding to exit a business. Our team works with you to discover your business’s exclusive value and present it in a way that appeals to potential buyers.


Why Clients Choose Us

Deep Resources and Senior-Level Led Team

Maximum Valuation and Lower Deal Risk

Connections with Ideal Buyers

Speed to Market and Close

A Note About Confidentiality

At Taureau Group, we hold your concern in the highest regard for maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of information with respect to your business. We understand the risk associated with information getting into the wrong hands and the damage that could be caused to your company and relationships; that is why we adhere to the highest professional standards to protect your confidentiality. Our multi-step process is designed to disclose critical business information only to those parties that have been vetted by us and approved by you and have expressed a bona fide interest, have a means to fund a transaction and have signed a Confidentiality Agreement structured to protect you and your business.

Everything we do works together to achieve your objectives.

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