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Guiding You Through Transactional Opportunities

Taureau Group has a unique skillset, leveraging its experience completing hundreds of M&A transactions in many industries, to offer comprehensive financial advisory services to clients looking to plan for their eventual exit, consider their (or a target’s) market valuation, or execute a management buyout (MBO) with employees. Clients benefit from the creativity and insights that Taureau Group’s team has developed over many years to better prepare themselves for transition, understand value drivers, anticipate and assess possible issues, and, ultimately, achieve their objectives.

  • Management Buyouts
  • Exit Planning
  • M&A Valuations
  • Keep the Business with Those Who Know It Best

    A management buyout offers the senior leadership or executive team the opportunity to purchase control of the business when current leadership decides it is time for a change. Executing a management buyout gives all parties involved a greater sense of control while assuming less risk, ultimately leading to a smooth transaction for everyone involved.

    Working with a trusted buyer can help to:

    • limit confidentiality risk
    • reduce the need for a broad marketing process
    • shorten the due diligence period
    • provide satisfaction and confidence your company is continuing in good hands

    Taureau Group has worked on both sides of the table to represent exiting management and leadership buyers in a variety of industry types and business sizes. Our priority is ensuring minimal disruption to senior management and business operations while skillfully negotiating to preserve the maximum value for the owner, and providing a clear understanding of the financing options for the leadership team as they take on new entrepreneurial risk.

    With our clients’ best interests at the forefront, our team works to mediate and manage the process from start to finish, providing guidance, knowledge, and representation at each crucial step in the transitional phase of our clients’ company.

  • Plan Your Exit with Experienced Partners

    At Taureau Group, we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and market to provide the most current strategic insights to help you plan and prepare for a successful business sale and exit.

    Exit planning encompasses several important aspects, including enhancing internal operations to prepare for a more appealing future sale, anticipating buyer perception, and mitigating risk before, during, and after the exit process. Our experience and deep network of professional relationships enables us to navigate the complex market as we develop a sound exit strategy for you while minimizing confidentiality risk, understanding tax implications, and maximizing value.

  • Identifying What Makes Your Business Valuable

    Understanding the value of your business is an important first step in determining if the time is right for a sale. We perform several strategic and nonstrategic assessments designed to approximate how the market may assess your business, which provide a realistic picture of where your company stands.

    Taureau Group evaluates nearly 50 factors that contribute to your calculated value, including:

    • the general economic market
    • current M&A market conditions
    • business financial performance
    • factors driving company value, i.e., industry trends, brand recognition, sustainability and certainty, and management team stability

    We work aggressively to put our clients in the best position for success, starting with laying a strong foundation based on comprehensive, industry-specific knowledge and sound financial analyses. In our valuation process, we provide you with the tools to make informed decisions and strategic adjustments to connect your business value with a real world application.

Everything we do works together to achieve your objectives.

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