Growing. Diversifying. Expanding. Evolving.

When you are looking to add new product categories, expand your geographic reach or grow your overall business, we deliver effective acquisition strategies to give you the optimal outcome.

Through our broad network of connections and extensive industry research, Taureau Group works relentlessly to uncover the best possible target companies and create conversations with the right people to expose acquisition opportunities for our clients. Our due diligence and customized marketing process generates a wide selection of potential targets to measure against your acquisition strategy.

We then help you determine which of these targets best suits your goals based on a comprehensive evaluation of their sustainability, operations, cash flow and transition plan. Together, we look at the value of the chosen target and negotiate terms to ensure your goals are met and risks are mitigated, all while keeping the transaction in line and on track for success. 


Your Objectives, Your Process

Taureau Group is accustomed to sourcing multiple opportunities even as targets move through negotiations, due diligence and closing.

Understand your objectives

and help refine desired criteria

Customize and execute the right marketing process

by finding the right company in the desired geographies and markets

Negotiate the right terms

based on experience and market knowledge

Everything we do works together to achieve your objectives.

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