Deal Announcement

by Taureau Group

Taureau Group, LLC is excited to share that our client, Sentry Equipment Corp., a global provider of representative sampling, analysis technologies, and service, has acquired Universal Separators, Inc., dba SmartSkim.

SmartSkim, based in Madison, WI, specializes in oil separation and coolant recycling in industrial settings. The company’s core products include separators and skimmers, which remove non-emulsified oil and floating debris from metal working liquids. SmartSkim serves the automotive, aerospace, equipment, heavy industrial, and firearms industries.

The acquisition of SmartSkim is Sentry Equipment Corp.’s first venture in fluid recycling, although the products and accessories manufactured by SmartSkim are similar to the cooling products that Sentry Equipment Corp. has been making since the company’s inception in 1924.

Taureau Group, LLC advised Sentry Equipment Corp. on the transaction.