Professional Collaboration Is Critical to a Transaction’s Success

by Taureau Group

The investment banking professionals at Taureau Group, formerly Schenck M&A Solutions, regularly share their expertise.

A January 2016 presentation to the State Bar of Wisconsin provided insight into how the right processes can drive optimum transaction value and create a positive client experience. Ann Hanna and Corey Vanderpoel, Taureau Group managing directors and owners, presented, “Better Together: Key Areas of Collaboration for a Smooth M&A Process,” which highlighted the important role attorneys play in mergers and acquisitions.

Ann and Corey also discussed how attorneys, investment bankers and accountants, with their overlapping skillsets, can work together to drive efficiency during an M&A process, a critical component in the transaction’s success—especially in an active market.

In addition, Corey and Ann touched on setting realistic expectations and understanding market data and provided background on the M&A process, including important points they consider when marketing a business.