Manufacturing expertise to foster results

At Taureau Group we understand the unique needs facing your industry, from developing ways to increase manufacturing floor automation to finding skilled employees, and then we use that knowledge to help support and advise you through your financial transaction. Taureau Group has extensive experience developing investment rationale around manufacturing companies in addition to addressing capacity, production and costing considerations to best position your company in the marketplace.

Additionally, Taureau Group leverages the industry-specific Manufacturing & Distribution team within its affiliate, Schenck SC, for research, industry insights and whitepapers developed from over 100 industry specialists serving more than 1,000 manufacturing clients.

We proudly serve a number of segments associated with the manufacturing industry, including:

  • Design & engineering
  • Plastics and rubber manufacturing
  • Metal fabrication and machining
  • Highly engineered product manufacturing
  • Component manufacturing and assembly
  • Control, mechanical and process engineering
  • Manufacturing automation solutions

Taureau Group is a strategic partner of Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP)

Taureau Group is pleased to serve as a strategic partner with WMEP by offering assistance with a service called PRATM -short for Profit Risk Assessment. Taureau Group will provide an independent estimate of a firm's value based on four methods. Visit WMEP‘s website for more information→