Execute a buyout strategy that meets all parties’ objectives

As an owner ready to transition your business, rewarding your leadership team by offering a management buyout option can be particularly appealing for its simplicity. When a trusted buyer knows the business inside and out, it may limit confidentiality risk, reduce the need for a broad marketing process, shorten the due diligence period, and provide satisfaction in seeing your company continue under your associates.

Skillful negotiation is key

While the interests of the ownership and leadership team were previously aligned, pursuing a management buyout can sometimes find you with conflicting objectives. As an owner, you need to balance the advantages of pursing an MBO with the need to maintain your protection and maximize value. For the leadership team, it’s critical to have a deep understanding of your financing ability and options when taking on newfound entrepreneurial risk.

Taureau Group’s investment banking specialists have experience representing parties on either side of the sale in hundreds of transactions of varying size, scope and complexity. We understand your need to move the highly confidential transaction along smoothly while minimizing disruption to senior management and business operations. Having a third-party mediator can help you manage an unfamiliar and sometimes daunting transition process.

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