Explore alternative financing options to meet your goals

Many companies have lofty growth goals that require new credit or hold multiple, complex loans and are seeking viable alternatives to refinance debt with appropriate amortization periods. Taureau Group’s M&A professionals help you understand traditional financing options along with alternative financing methods such as unitranche and mezzanine options. By understanding options from multiple lenders and credit types, Taureau Group is able to find the most effective terms to minimize financing costs and increase cash flow.

Specialty financing process

We follow our proven advisory process to initiate a deep exploration of your objectives and financing needs, and develop a thorough information memorandum to present to financing sources, which includes the information and strategic rationale appropriate for lenders to compile initial term sheets. We then reach out to our network of specialty banks and nontraditional financing solutions to find you the best terms. From a short list of potential contenders, we drill down that large pool of options to find the very best solution and then skillfully negotiate for optimal terms.

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