Join Taureau Group to learn how the right insight can make all the difference

There are many moving parts that make a business sale successful, and having the right insight is a critical factor. Taureau Group’s experienced investment banking professionals stay on top of the latest news and information, and then provide workshops and an annual forum to help you make better business decisions that keep your goals on target.

Mergers & Acquisitions Forum: Fact or fiction, taking the mystery out of M&A

A business transition can be the most significant financial decision you ever make. Learn key factors which influence value and steps you can take to streamline the process.

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ACG Wisconsin Growth & Leadership Conference

Attend the annual ACG Wisconsin Growth & Leadership Conference for advice and perspectives on corporate growth, recruiting and retention, and leadership and talent development from executives and national experts, as well as robust networking among top business talent, with an anticipated 500+ attendees.

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