An efficient transaction process benefits everyone

Your growth strategy relies on having the right options. Backed by our 200+ years of investment banking experience, we’ve developed a systematic approach that has seen proven results. Using a five-phase process, our services are tailored to supplement your needs:

  1. Comprehensive strategic search. We take the time to understand your objectives and acquisition criteria to define your acquisition criteria. With extensive experience reviewing market and industry data, we conduct a search and develop a target acquisition list specific to your needs—saving you time and finding a number of best possible fits.
  2. Marketing and evaluation. Once we uncover the right acquisition targets through extensive research, we persistently market to each with customized materials to determine their potential interest and coordinate discussions and/or site visits. As part of the process, we provide initial risk assessment overview, financial modeling and valuation, using a number of valuation techniques to deliver a market assessment and structuring/financing ideas.
  3. Transaction structuring. We prepare a financial review of your preferred target and use that information to refine the valuation models. We streamline the process for you, proposing the capital and transaction structure along with key deal terms. Our transaction experience allows us to structure a deal to mitigate risk and address certain concerns uncovered through initial diligence.
  4. Due diligence and negotiations. We then coordinate due diligence efforts to ensure you understand all aspects of your target acquisition before the transaction and identify any potential integration issues. Using that information, we negotiate on your behalf to mitigate risks, appropriately value and structure the transaction, and deliver favorable terms. As appropriate, we host a data room to assist our clients in distributing appropriate deal documents.
  5. Closing. We see you every step through to the close, from reviewing closing documents and leading final negotiations to determining terms such as purchase price allocation and working capital, among many others.