Ann Hanna Talks Impacts on Buying and Selling Businesses

by Taureau Group

Ellenbecker Investment Group Wealth Advisors recently featured Ann Hanna, managing director and owner of Taureau Group, on their radio show, Money Sense. The special edition series, aptly named COVID-19, provides valuable information as it pertains to the pandemic.

Ann shares unique insights on the impacts of buying and selling businesses in Milwaukee, particularly during these trying times. 

Money Sense, presented by Ellenbecker Investment Group Wealth Advisors, highlights a unique financial perspective while interviewing local and global economists, attorneys, book authors, tax professionals, and other interesting guests. Money Sense airs each Saturday at 2:00 PM and Sunday at 12:00 PM on WISN AM 1130. To listen to this podcast (COVID-19 Edition #5), click here.