2021 Year in Review | 2022 M&A Outlook

by Taureau Group

2021 was a banner year for Taureau Group with new additions to our team, promotions, and broadening of the firm’s shareholder group. As we settle into 2022, we anticipate another successful year of company growth and strong M&A activity. 







While 2022 may not be another record year in the M&A market, the key factors that made 2021 a stellar year are largely still in place. However, the future remains unpredictable due to new pressures and challenges we face as we experience easing of the COVID pandemic, shifting geopolitical influences, inevitable interest rate hikes and anticipated changes to tax rates. Despite these stresses, companies are maintaining M&A as a major strategy to protect their position in the market, increase gains and accelerate transformative progress.

If you are considering M&A this year, the following takeaways may help shape your overall strategy:

  • Corporates are using M&A to access new markets, add capabilities, and accelerate digital transformations to enable faster growth.
  • With favorable capital markets, companies are bringing strategic clarity to their core business through asset divestitures, which is creating shareholder value. In addition, an increased interest in ESG (environmental, social and governance) strategies could result in an uptick in M&A where sustainability practices are a focus.
  • As COVID restrictions ease globally, cross-border deal volume should increase among corporates looking for broader exposure and opportunities to enter higher-growth markets.
  • Remote work and digital transformation have created more opportunities for cyberattacks, which has resulted in a concern for digital security higher than ever before. This combination is creating great demand for cybersecurity providers.
  • Manufacturing is expected to see continued growth with hints of relief in the supply chain pressures that have rattled the industry since the beginning of the pandemic.

Principals of Taureau Group have continued to take potential hurdles in stride and execute successful deals in an ever-changing M&A environment. Our team’s proven collaboration and negotiation skills with a focus on creative solutions allow us to achieve outstanding results for you when selling your company or growing through acquisition.

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