WMEP Manufacturing Matters! Adapt & Advance

Feb 25 2021

Virtual Conference
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Taureau Group is excited to be a part of WMEP's 2021 Manufacturing Matters! virtual conference being held on February 25th.   

Ann Hanna and Corey Vanderpoel, Managing Directors and Co-founders at Taureau Group, will present a breakout session titled, "2021 Buyer and Seller Dynamics: How COVID has reformed the M&A market".  

The economic and societal effect of the pandemic will be a factor in the 2021 M&A market and beyond.  Those that recognize and adapt to "the new normal" will be the most likely to excel in strategy, growth and profitability.  For buyers in the market, the shifts in consumer decisions and business practices will affect the types, sizes and strategy of acquisitions in the future.  For sellers in the market, this is a new world with new processes in place.  Understanding buyers' motivation will guide you to maximizing value and terms in a sale.

Registration for this event coming soon!